Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Professional

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The Christmas tree serves as the centerpiece of holiday decor in most homes. A beautifully decorated tree can instantly get you in the festive spirit and make your space feel magical.


Decorating a Christmas tree like a professional takes planning, an artistic eye, and some key techniques. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through everything you need to know to transform your Christmas tree into a showstopping display. From choosing the perfect tree to adding the final embellishments, let's explore how to decorate your Christmas tree to designer standards.

Choosing the Perfect Tree

The foundation of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is choosing a quality tree. Here are some tips for selecting the ideal Christmas tree for decorating:

Invest in a High-Quality Artificial Tree

Artificial trees allow for convenience, consistency, and creativity in decorating year after year. Look for a tree made with PE or PVC realistic needles and sturdy branches for shaping. Pre-lit trees save time stringing lights.

Fluff and Shape the Branches

For a full, natural look, carefully fluff each branch of your artificial tree. Use a shaping tool to lift branches and fill in any gaps. Move branches to cover bare spots.

Select the Right Real Tree

If using a real tree, choose a fresh, full tree that holds its needles, such as a Fraser fir. Check for crisp needles that do not easily fall off.

Proper Tree Storage

Store artificial trees in a cool, dry place. For real trees, cut the trunk and place the tree in water until decorating. Proper tree storage preserves freshness.

With the ideal Christmas tree selected, you can design a showstopping theme and decor.

Designing Your Christmas Tree Theme

A designed Christmas tree has a thoughtful theme and style. Here are tips for planning your perfect Christmas tree:

Craft a Central Theme

Decide on a style or theme like Classic Christmas, Woodland Wonder or Vintage Noel. This focused theme will guide your decor choices.

Curate a Color Palette

Pick 2-3 complementary colors that match your theme. For example, red, green and gold for a traditional Christmas tree.

Consider Materials and Texture

Choose decorations that enhance your theme like rustic burlap bows for a country Christmas tree or shiny glass ornaments for an elegant style.

Embrace Your Unique Style

Make the theme personal by infusing your own style. For a refined modern tree, add unique geometric ornaments. Merge trends with timeless elements.

With a cohesive vision, you can make decorating magic happen. Now let's add some essential illumination.

Illuminating Your Tree

Christmas tree lights provide a magical ambiance and illuminate ornaments. Follow these tips for showcasing lights:

Importance of Christmas Tree Lights

Lights allow ornaments to shine and create a warm holiday glow. Use lights generously on your tree.

Tips for Adding Lights

Start at the top and wind lights around each branch, moving downward. Keep strands spaced 4-6 inches apart.

Choosing Light Styles

Pick lights that complement your theme – clear for classic style, colored for fun, remote-controlled for a dynamic display.

With a canvas of lights, it's time for the best part – adding the decorations!

illustration of a christmas tree with lots of decorations,

Adding Decorations and Baubles

Ornaments, garland and accents turn your Christmas tree into a winter wonderland. Use these tips when decorating:

Arrange Decorations for Balance

Divide your tree into sections and evenly distribute decor for visual harmony. Place larger ornaments near the bottom, smaller near the top.

Cluster Your Baubles

Group 3-5 ornaments per branch to create ornament clusters. Vary shapes and colors within clusters.

Elevate with Ribbons

Tie ribbons in bows around your tree for pops of color and texture. Florist wire helps secure ribbons.

Utilize Tree Picks

Adorn picks with flowers, berries or pom poms and tuck into branches to fill gaps for a fuller look.

Scented Ornaments

Studded oranges, cinnamon sticks and wreaths infuse natural holiday fragrance.

The tree topper provides the crowning focal point.

Crowning Your Tree

A treetop finial serves as the crowning touch. Consider these tips for your tree topper:

Choosing a Statement Topper

Select a topper that captures your theme's essence – a sparkling star for glam style, angel for traditional.

Unique and Personalized Toppers

Make your own topper! Glue flowers, greenery and ribbon to a wreath base for a natural look or affix ornaments to a gold carousel base for whimsy.

Tree Toppers as Keepsakes

Collect toppers on trips or choose an heirloom that's been passed down. Display cherished figurine or crystal topper.

For the final embellishment, dress up the tree base with a skirt or collar.

The Final Touch: Tree Skirts

A tree skirt finishes your tree with style. Here's how to select the perfect one:

The Often Overlooked Tree Skirt

Despite being hidden beneath presents, a tree skirt completes the look. Match its color and pattern to your theme.

Consider a Collar for Alternative Trees

For slim trees, choose a more fitted collar-style tree skirt. Collars neatly hug smaller trees.


With some planning, creative vision and decorative technique, you can design a Christmas tree worthy of a decor magazine. The most important element? Infusing your unique personality and style into the décor decisions to create a tree that sparks joy. Follow this guide and soon you’ll be decorating like a Christmas pro.

Decorating your Christmas tree should be a fun outlet for expressing your creativity and design style. With these tips, let your inner holiday stylist shine! Wishing you a warm and festive season surrounded by the simple magic of twinkling lights on a beautifully adorned evergreen in your home.

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